Wealth Beyond Money

Unlocking The 6 Dimensions of Success  for Richness in Every Area of Your Life

…a cross between a juicy memoir and a highlight reel for cracking the code on life. This book is actionable.
—Darcie Adler, Founder/Creative Director, The Spin Style Agency LLC
Wealth Beyond Money demystifies the process and breaks it down into SIMPLE easy-to-remember, actionable steps... It has the possibility to truly transform your life.
—Warren Rustand, Author of The Leader Within Us
Former Appointments Secretary to the President of the United States
Former Global Chair of the World Presidents Organization
Dean of Learning for the EO Global Leadership Academy
If you ‘want it all’ read this book… chock full of exercises and pathways you can use to make your road to financial success shorter and easier.
—Vincent M. Roazzi, Best-selling Author of The Spirituality of Success, Getting Rich with Integrity
Move over Tony Robbins, Ethan King’s Wealth Beyond Money is the complete life guide to success.
—Maureen Ryan-Blake, Best-selling Author, TV Show Host, Publisher



No matter where you are in life, deep down you desire more—more freedom, more money, more passion, more vitality. Don’t believe the lie that to achieve massive success in one area of life, you must accept less in another.

We’ve been conditioned to think that to make lots of money, we must temporarily neglect our health and relationships. Or to have an amazing body, we must spend hours in the gym and neglect our work. Or to have thriving relationships, we must scale back from focusing on our finances and fitness.

The truth is, you can have it all, and this book will show you how. 

Forget the old notion of work-life balance, because balance is the path to mediocrity. Abundance is the goal.
Whether you’re already an accomplished professional, an entrepreneur, or an ambitious high-performer just starting out in your career, Wealth Beyond Money will help you attain and maintain holistic abundance, clarity, and joy in all areas of life.

You’ll learn methods to achieve financial independence, while also transforming your body into the best shape of your life. Whether your dream is escaping the rat race, getting six pack abs, exploring the world, growing a family, or all of the above, Wealth Beyond Money is the blueprint.

With science-based action steps extracted from powerful life lessons, this book will help you:

  • Learn the six-part process to evolve into the highest version of yourself.
  • Reverse the signs of aging and transform into your best shape ever.
  • Surround yourself with people who truly want to help you succeed.
  • ​Implement methods to double, triple, or even 10X your income.
  • ​Make the right decisions, at the right time, to get the right results.
  • Manifest your dreams and desires into reality
  • Design a life full of freedom and excitement... and more!
Author Ethan King not only teaches gems from his own life stories, he studied the ultra-successful and distilled their thinking and experiences into actionable steps you can follow to transform your life today.

The wisdom found in the pages of Wealth Beyond Money will help you unlock your maximum potential, and evolve into the best possible version of YOU.

“Ethan King has brought forward some of the most important aspects for all business leaders and entrepreneurs in Wealth Beyond Money in a straightforward, easy-to-read and understand book. For me, I was thrilled to see his ‘20 things that actually help me sleep section’ since he and I share a knowledge of the importance of sleep. And I personally plan to use several of the personal finance tips…they were awesome!” 

— Dr. Michael Breus, PhD aka The Sleep Doctor

“Take a pause and dive into this book. With a refreshing practical perspective and relatable examples, Ethan’s book feels distinctly real. It’s not theory or concepts. He takes you on a journey of raw life examples leading to the proven SIMPLE wisdom and daily habits accelerating his success today. And the integrated accountability exercises make implementation achievable. Probably most importantly, he left me thinking – ‘What would the best, most evolved version of Brad do?’

As Ethan references, ‘hell on earth is meeting the person you could have become on your last day.’ This book is a strong reminder I don’t want to meet that person!”

— Brad Stevens, Founder/CEO OutsourceAccess.com

“Ethan’s writing style kept me glued to the pages as I learned all about his entrepreneurial journey. There are so many tips, tricks and lessons learned throughout his journey that I consider this a must-read for all entrepreneurs, whether you are just starting or have been a lifetime entrepreneur like myself.”

— Steve Distante, CEO Vanderbilt Financial Group
Entrepreneur, Founder, Chairman, Filmmaker, Farmer, Author, and Investment Banker

“King's book is a pocket compass. Use it to activate your inner guidance to be a better person, make the right decisions and live your best life.” 

—Tanya Chernova, Award Winning Speaker
Co-Founder Courageous Living

“…practical, proven wisdom about how to get your mind in a good place.”

—Conor Neill, President of Vistage in Spain and Professor at IESE Business School 

“…a timely narrative, given society’s movement towards greater spiritual and emotional fulfillment…both entertaining and educational… A true must read.” 

—Samir Damani, MD, PharmD, Founder CEO iThriveMD

“…an action-packed resource to help me create an abundant, well-rounded life, business, and legacy.” 

—Cody James Aikin, Host of the Pillars of Freedom Podcast

“Not only does this provide you with practical tips, it also inspires and motivates you as you are taken on a journey…” 

—Heléne Smuts, Founder, Credo Growth

about the author

Ethan King is an American entrepreneur with businesses in apparel, fitness, e-commerce, and real estate. He is a dynamic speaker who shares his journey from starving artist to CEO of multiple 7-figure brands. 

He has been featured on the cover of Best Self magazine, and specializes in coaching high performance professionals around the world. Most importantly, Ethan is passionate about you truly having it all. 
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